Taste and see that the Lord is good

Published October 3rd, 2016 by Frank Molinaro

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” (Psalm 34:8)

Seeds of discouragement can’t take root in a grateful heart. One of the keys to living a good life is to have gratitude. Gratitude is a muscle we must feed, condition, and exercise frequently. We honor God by choosing to focus on the good in every situation, opportunity, relationship, or pursuit. Every obstacle that stands in our way can be seen in a positive light if we CHOOSE to use it for the glory of God. Ultimately it’s a matter of of perspective and how we choose to see it.

Before I declared the Lord as my savior & devoted my life to following Jesus I lived a life of enduring. Everything seemed to be a painful process & I couldn’t see past the busyness and obstacles in front of my face. I was focused on the wrong things & honestly I wasn’t exercising my gratitude muscles.

God has taken me from enduring to enjoying my life in every single facet. His grace is more than sufficient to bring us all peace & a simple way to honor and show our appreciation is by having gratitude. Choosing to taste and see the good in every situation. Turning any obstacle into the path to victory!!

Slow down and appreciate the partial victories in life. Don’t wait until you see the finished product to thank Him.  Besides if you don’t see the good in the unfinished you wont see the very good when its finished!! God is the potter and molding you carefully in his hands. Trust him joyfully even if we are temporarily in a waiting room. God's timing is absolutely perfect so don't worry spend time worrying about anything. When my dreams seem impossible I will thank God for the partial victories taking place in my life and forge forward joyfully. Because part of trusting & believing is becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. 

                  Remember the enemy wants us to focus on our weakness’ and doesn’t want us to ever celebrate ourselves. He would rather have us drag ourselves down & beat ourselves up. We honor God when we turn our back on the devil and focus our eyes onto his goodness.  I’d encourage everyone this week to FEEL GOOD ABOUT WHO YOU ARE!

  • Thank God for the foundation you have even if you don’t have the whole building yet.
  • See the Good in every situation.
  • Choose to live a life of enjoying oppose to enduring.
  • Patiently Trust God even when you don’t feel good or when the circumstances seem unfavorable.
  • Focus on the good in all of our relationships.
  • Exercise your gratitude muscles frequently. *You can’t overtrain them.

Attitude of Gratitude; A thinking pattern where an individual chooses to focus on the good in every situation and give God the glory.

Love you guys,




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