Romans 12:1

Published June 2nd, 2016 by Frank Molinaro

God wants us to offer ourselves as daily sacrifices. Each day offering our worldly desires and sinful nature. For me I would say pride, and unforgiveness would be offered up first, daily!

We must be driven by God's mercy, and trust & be guided by his word & truth. Our hearts want to believe lies, so it's crucial we are saturated in God's word. We were given a gift when we were still sinners, when Jesus lived the sinless life and died for us. He offered up the ultimate sacrifice for us when we didn't deserve it.

We must live with joy and that should be the driving force of offering up our sacrifices daily. Because of that undeserving, unmerited gift we were GIVEN through Jesus,  we are given a second gift TO SPEND. The first is already a done deal. The second gift which is are possessions, and "stuff" in this world is all from God. We are to SPEND this gift on honoring, praising, worshiping, and using what we have been blessed with to encourage others, and to help others to worship God...So driven by his mercy, driven to worship, and transformed by his word to do all he has blessed us to do.

It's so easy to be driven to be great, and miss the whole purpose and point of life. We will be easily thrown off course when we get caught up into the "world's current" our reputation, pleasing others, our pride, the attention, pleasing ourselves...I know if I want to reach my full destiny I must be saturated in the truth. I must be driven by God's rhythm. I must offer up all the sinful members of my body daily if I am to be transformed.

Grind for God, not the world.

- Frank



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