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Published February 24th, 2020 by Frank Molinaro

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (Galatians:6:9)
I was so bad when I started wrestling, and I was constantly melting down & becoming discouraged during the process. Middle School we started seeing some success, but I was still a tier below the national contenders. High School we began to set lofty goals & my sophomore year I surprised myself and won my first state title. It was my very first goal we had been chasing from the start & it was an incredible moment in time when we all achieved it. It was right at the end of my self when my dreams came true and I experienced God in the realest sense possible. It was past the point of quitting on myself & striving for control and answers to my future fate. It's the part of my mind when all my striving get's exhausted and I have nothing left to go on. Insert God.
In College I started out sloppy & gritty but finished strong with my head held high. Insert God. After college I was determined to make my mark & make the Olympic Team & represent my family and everyone who never gave up on me and God made that possible. There were so many crossroads and intersections along this wrestling journey where I've been destroyed and flat lined but because of the God we serve, he provided me the strength where I most weak. So many times I became weary in doing good, but I couldn't give up. My backbone was always attached to the idea & belief that God could intervene at any point in time and summon the strength for me to breakthrough and take out whatever was in front of me. God can make the storms obey and God can move mountains and I know he's out there.
I knew Jesus was God & made a decision to make him the corner stone of my life. He has not only been a constant in my story since the start but He is exceedingly faithful. He is always with me in the thick of it & his spirit gives me incredible strength always. (especially at the end of my rope) He has guided me, directed me, and even corrected me with so much grace I didn't skip a beat even at my worst. God is patient and has always given me rest under the shadow of the Almighty. God was so on point, He even sent his Son ahead of me to lay the footprints for me to walk in.
The greatest victor is Jesus & the resurrection is the greatest victory story on earth. For three days the evil forces in the spiritual realm were celebrating and jumping with joy because they sensed they had defeated the light once and for all. Big but, the light casts out the darkness, Jesus was risen, sin was defeated, and now we can receive the indwelling of this super natural power that sanctifies us on earth.
Jesus rising from the dead bridged the gap between us and God and now we have direct access and permission and rest in his perfect presence. I love turning off the problem solving mechanism in my mind and melting into the present moment. I visualize completely surrendering to the all knowing omnipotent God. My eyes look up to the heavens and fix on God(both mind & my heart posture) as there is a light leaving me and rising to the heavens. When my light hits the heavens, God shoot the light back down into every facet of my life & healing begins immediately. No matter how many highs or lows there are along your story, there's always a perfect infinite love and surrender available in the present moment. It comes down to a few choices we must deliberately make.
It's critical if we want to live our life with a purpose, we must wrestle out our faith & belief systems first. Which virtues will you cultivate in your life? Who will be the God of your life you worship? (Jesus, Money, yourself, success,?) or better yet What virtues are most important to build and impress upon your children? What will be the source of strength and place you put your faith and confidence both mentally and physically? What would you like for your children to worship when they grow up?
When you wrestle out the fundamental principles & truths for your life & hold them tight to your chest, it's a great strategy to live your best life & navigate our journeys with a sober conscious. When you believe in your beliefs, transformation takes place. When you believe Jesus is God & your consciousness is aware of God it opens the door to transformation and soul healing power. There is no greater feeling I have ever experienced in comparison to the realization that I didn't have to hold it all together anymore. 
When God became God with the focus off of me and onto Him, my mind's eyes turned to following Jesus, & my life changed immediately. I started thinking differently, and my present reality changed so dramatically it's hard to put that peace and strength into words. I'll say there is a great awakening & freedom that causes our sinful nature to loose it power in flesh, and our spirit starts to bleed through. It grows and grows grows when we cultivate it and we become a new creation in Christ.
There's a certain type of joy and peace that only comes through seeking our Godly desire etched in our hearts. It's a biblical thing, and you could find the scripture and authority if you looked in the Holy Bible.  Theres a rare mysterious euphoric type of feeling that creases our souls when we seek our innate programmed desire for God organically. The difference between living a "Worldly life" vs a "Godly life" could come down to this(Apostle Paul)...imagine yourself looking out at the vast sea. You reach down, and you put a hand into the water, and you scoop it up towards you. Immediately, the water starts leaking through your fingers until the hand is empty.
That water is a mans life. From birth to death, it is always slipping through our hands until it is gone. Along with all that you hold dear in this world. And yet the kingdom I speak about and live for is like the rest of the water out in the sea. Man lives for that cup of water that slips through the fingers. But those that follow Jesus Christ live for that endless expanse of sea. There's a moment. It's not from man or any mortal. It is Christ himself that looks upon you and shatters all your defense mechanisms.
If it hasn't happen for you yet, I am praying you will receive the truth and cultivate it . I'll pray you'll plant the seed of truth into your hearts and water it. The God that gives the growth is an amazing God & he will never leave you nor forsake you. God is a strong tower, they run to it and are safe. Even if theres a small itch on your heart in relation to God, scratch it. Figure out the origin, go to the creator always!! God is the GOAT.
Love you guys,



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