Embrace Uncertainty

Published September 26th, 2016 by Frank Molinaro

"Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.”

(Ecclesiastes 11:4)

                  Before I gave my life to Christ I would often live overly cautious and struggle embracing uncertainty. I would draw strength from feeling a sense of control while determining the outcomes. Now there are many problems with this thinking but I will start with the most obvious. I was missing the mark on my full destiny God had for me because I was waiting for absolute certainty before I could step out and conquer my fears.  

                  Most of the time in life you will not be able to see the end from beginning. When I gave my life to Christ I was finally free to trust God & I immediately started putting my faith to the test. I had extremely lofty goals, yet my trusting muscles were very weak at the time. God found a way to equip me with the obstacles and empowered me to overcome them.               

                  Embracing uncertainty became an exercise in trusting God & drew me very close to his presence. I instantly learned there was no greater or safer feeling than being in the midst of His presence. As I continued to step out and trust God with greater capacities, I began to see trusting in a positive light. This also taught me that it wasn’t about fearing less but about trusting more. 

      Trusting became a vessel that forced my dependence on God and brought me close to his perfect presence. And on top of that it let God shape my character and do some pruning along the process. Before I gave my life to Christ I would see dependence as a weakness & lack of strength. God has taught me that dependence is not a lack of strength but rather the presence of courage.  

                  It takes complete surrender & trust to follow God and trust him with the outcomes in life. I truly believe we are all capable of doing incredible things if take the first step, then the next, believing that God will reveal the rest to us. That’s what living is in my eyes and we find our greatest purposes in life when we are LIVING.

     There is no greater feeling than stepping out of your comfort zone to do something you clearly weren’t capable of doing on your own and experiencing God empower you through it. I guarantee you have never forgotten the moments in your life when you embraced uncertainty and conquered a fear or obstacle alongside God. And to be honest I have never been mad I trusted God wholeheartedly with something even if I came up short. I came up short at the Olympics yet God found a way to use it for good & open new doors for me.  

When facing uncertainty…

  •       Look to God to provide you with strength when your own seems inadequate
  •       Believe and hold onto His promises
  •       Believe in the power of God

Love you guys,




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