Fear Less. Trust More.

Published December 28th, 2015 by Frank

There are so many things out there and all around us that rob our joy and steal our dreams away.  I don’t want to be dramatic but we are under attack by our fears every day.  They kill our dreams, take away our happiness, and would do anything to destroy our lives if we gave in enough.  


Until this past summer, I took on those “attacks” with my own will, grit, and perseverance.  In my eyes I was becoming pretty successful and pretty significant. I started thinking my success could determine my happiness and be a catalyst to the good life.


My hunger to be the best was fed by a functional God I had created to worship in my mind, and in my heart.  These things could be your pride, money, approval of others, and a slew of other things we choose to worship daily.  


Present day I am driven by something far greater than those joy killers. God.


Recently, I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord, and Savior. For reasons far greater than my own will, I was pulled to God.  


Fear less and trust more.  Listen to the echo’s in your heart.  Follow your dreams, visions, and passions. Chasing lofty goals, visions, or simply overcoming fear does not have to be a stressful thing at all. God would never give us more than we could handle.


In a recent book called, Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren he puts it perfectly. God has given us our:


Spiritual Gifts






He’s given us our SHAPE.  Trust the shape God has given you and go out and achieve those burning goals you wake up with every day but fall short of because of fear.  God has designed you with amazing grace & precision.  The hardest part of embracing uncertainty is taking that first step in the fire.  You don’t have to know steps 2-10 when you’re on step 1.


God wants us to take the first step, knowing he will give us the strength to make the next step. And the step after that. You get the point.  It’s not about fearing less.  It’s about trusting more.  

“Your presence and approval are all I need for everlasting joy.” J.D. Greear

The greats are the ones who take the first step and never turn back or give up.  They endure the dips, and embrace the waiting rooms in life by trusting God & persevering.  God didn’t promise us safety.  He promises things far greater.


I stopped wrestling with life and started wrestling for God.  I must say life is amazing.  I am forever grateful.  




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