A Believing Trust

Published December 5th, 2016 by Frank Molinaro

"Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart." (Psalm37:4)

 To delight in God is as much a duty as it is a privilege. It takes discipline, sacrifice, and a wholehearted commitment to something greater than yourself. For me nothing has been more rewarding than the spiritual, mental, and physical renewing of my mind since I began to follow Jesus above everything else in my life. Just like everything else it's a small choice and a commitment that is extremely rewarding. I say rewarding wth caution because I am not necessarily talking about man made-manufactured rewards, however there is no limit to God's favor in your life. 
God is faithful & when we make him our Lord and savior and delight in him it pleases him greatly. When you keep your focus on Him you experience his peaceful presence and there is no price tag that can be put on pure joy. God will help lead, discern, and guide you true north unlocking the treasures you desire when you put him in first place. 
With all of the distractions out there & all of the things that demand our time and attention daily, it's easy to drift from our central focus. We must constantly remind ourselves whether we are in need or completely satisfied that the Lord is our strength and refuge. Part of religion is a believing trust in which we draw strength from our savior and act on his love.
 My prayer today is that we will continue to delight in the Lord no matter how good or bad our external circumstances are. I pray we will guard and water the seeds that help grow our inner fortress. I pray you will water seeds of Hope, Love, and faith. Strive to become content in all situations, maintain a healthy balance not getting to high or not getting to low about anything, put God in first place, and stay spiritually fed. All the best, love you guys! 



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